• Glass processing-Special glass tempering

    Glass factories will encounter many irregular tempered glass orders,for these special orders,tempering operator should pay attention to below points and ensure good tempering quality. 1.Glass with holes and notches The holes position,diameter and notches should follow below requirement,or the glass will be easy to break during tempering process. a.Distance between hole edge to glass edge should be at least 1.5 times that of glass thickness_3-6mm. Distance between hole edge to glass edge should be at least 2 times that of…

  • LOW-E Glass Processing Instruction

    Morn offers all kinds of low e coated glass:Single silver low e,double silver low e and triple silver low e,to be your turnkey building glass supplier,here is a low e coated glass processing instruction to help insulated glass manufacturers decreasing defective ratio and save costs during processing low e glass. INDEX 1.Packaging,Transportation,Storage 1.1 Packaging 1.2 Transportation 1.3 Storage 2.Basic processing requirement 3.Processing instructions 3.1 Unloading 3.2 Unpacking 3.3 Cutting 3.4 Edging,Drilling 3.5 Washing 3.6 Tempering&Heat Strengthening 3.7 Insulating 4.FAQ &Matters…

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