Glass Performance-High transmittance double silver low e

Glass Performance-High transmittance double silver low e

Here we gathered the double silver low e glass performance data(6-12-6 double glazed units) from world famous glass manufacturers.

The manufacturers include Guardian,PPG,Cardinal,Pilkington,Interpane,SSG,CSG,XYG,SYP and TG glass.

No.Glass optionVisible LightSolar EnergyU value(W/2.K)SCSHGC
LT %Ref %In %Tsol %Rsol %SummerWinter
1Morn MWDE176+Clear68111239271.581.640.450.39
2Guardian SN6868111233331.61.650.440.38
3PPG Solarban 60 +Clear70111228341.61.660.450.39
4Cardinal lowe 272+Clear69101135281.621.660.470.41
5Pilkington Suncool 70/40+Clear71111134311.581.640.460.40
6SSG Cool-lite SKN174+Clear67111233341.571.610.440.38
7Interpane Ipasol neutral 70/37 +Clear68121430391.561.620.40.35
8CSG CED78+Clear65101121301.621.670.430.37
9XYG XEND0175+Clear66101134271.621.670.480.41
10SYP YNE0175 +Clear66111234291.641.680.460.40
11TG PDE75A02+Clear66111232271.581.640.430.37

As we can see in the chart,the features of these double silver low -E are:

1.High Light transmittance:between 65-70%,and clear appearance.

2.Relatively low reflective: 10-14%.

3.Similar LSG: Around 1.8, SC and SHGC are similar.

Download the complete performance data:High transmittance double silver low e glass performance

Insulated glass made with double silver low e are the most cost-effective energy efficient glass currently,it’s widely used in high latitude areas which require more sunlight and good thermal insulation performance.

Morn can offer all kinds of double silver low e with similar glass performance data as world brands.

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Download this article here:Glass-Performance-High-transmittance-double-silver-low-e

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