• Factors that affect tempered glass flatness

    Factors that affect tempered glass flatness The heat treated glass is not as flat as float glass,the uneven ,both glass overall bow and local bow will cause visual distortion after glass was installed.If made into laminated glass,the overall thickness of laminated glass is different,the uneven will cause bubbles at glass edge or center and affect laminated glass quality.For insulated glass,the uneven PIB cause poor sealing quality,and somewhere will cause the installation. The reasons cause glass flatness problem is: 1.1 Heating…

  • Laminated Glass-Single piece thickness

    Most laminated glass are made with 2 piece same thickness single pieces. Such as 21.52 PVB laminated glass,17.52mm laminated glass,12.76mm laminated glass,20.89mm SGP laminated glass,why the laminated glass shall be made with equal thickness single pieces? 1.Glass flatness.As we know that after tempering process,glass will has overall bow and local bow.thin glass,especially 3mm and 4mm will have larger overall bow,while thicker ones flatness is much better. If we laminate 4mm glass with 6mm glass,the glass flatness difference will cause imbalance…

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