• Corona Virus affect the survival of China glass companies

    China glass companies are undergoing a life-and-death test caused by the corona virus. For glass companies, the crisis caused by the corona virus is only temporary, and the coming of the historical turning point in real estate demand is the real life and death test. 1. The delayed resumption of real estate affected by the corona virus has caused historical highest inventory in the China glass industry,currently the float glass stocks in China reach 4.30 million tons. According to statistics from…

  • Laminated Glass-Single piece thickness

    Most laminated glass are made with 2 piece same thickness single pieces. Such as 21.52 PVB laminated glass,17.52mm laminated glass,12.76mm laminated glass,20.89mm SGP laminated glass,why the laminated glass shall be made with equal thickness single pieces? 1.Glass flatness.As we know that after tempering process,glass will has overall bow and local bow.thin glass,especially 3mm and 4mm will have larger overall bow,while thicker ones flatness is much better. If we laminate 4mm glass with 6mm glass,the glass flatness difference will cause imbalance…

  • How to prevent glass mildew and mold?

    Recently many of my friends said that the glass imported to Malaysia was mildewed after installation. There’re many reasons that cause the glass mildew: 1.Non-fresh float glass used. 2.Incorrect stock environment for finished glass-Both in the factory and site. 3.Insufficient desiccant used both in wooden crates and in container. To better prevent the glass mildew,below are some suggestions: 1.Using fresh float glass that are produced within 3 months. If the float glass are long time stocks,use anti-mildew remover to wash…

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