Glass Greenhouse Advantages

Glass Greenhouse Advantages

Ordinary greenhouses are made of plastic film, This is a simple and practical cultivation facility that uses bamboo, steel and other materials, and covers plastic film to form arched sheds for cultivation of crops such as vegetables. This greenhouse is easy to construct, easy to use, and low in cost.

Glass Greenhouse Advantages

However, there is a problem with the material shed, that is, the general weather is good, and it will become like this in case of extreme windy weather.

Glass Greenhouse Advantages

After all, it is a plastic film that is still relatively fragile. And because of the nature of the plastic itself, short cycle times and degradation, resulting in environmental problems, you need to find a better alternative. Glass greenhouses are undoubtedly a better choice.

Glass Greenhouse Advantages

Glass greenhouses have the following advantages:

(1) Compared with plastic greenhouses, glass greenhouses have better lighting because of their high  light transmittance properties. Sunlight can more fully enter the interior of the greenhouse while ensuring that crops such as vegetables receive light evenly.

(2) The glass greenhouses are more solid than the plastic greenhouses from the main materials and structures, and can better protect against indoor crops by resisting extreme weather such as wind and rain.

(3) Plastic greenhouses are susceptible to external erosion such as wind and rain. If an accidental fire occurs, it will directly burn and be completely destroyed. Glass greenhouses do not need to worry about these problems, so the life cycle will be longer and the cost of use will be reduced.

(4) If a plastic film is used in a greenhouse, the amount of use will be very large. Once discarded, the degradation of plastic film becomes a problem. Glass greenhouses do not need to consider this issue, so they are more environmentally friendly.

Glass Greenhouse Advantages

The glass greenhouse will conduct heat through the glass structure, radiate heat to the sky, ventilate and dissipate heat, and the air penetrates into the heat to transfer heat in the ground. Greenhouse energy saving is to reduce the heat dissipation of the greenhouse. An effective method is to install a heat preservation curtain to reduce heat loss at night. Under the premise of meeting crop illumination, it is best to install a double-layer light-transmitting material, which can reduce heat loss by 50%. It is also very effective to use the cold-proof ditch and fill the insulation material to reduce the heat transfer in the ground.

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