• Glass Greenhouse vs Polycarbonate Greenhouse

    If you are considering getting a greenhouse or building one yourself, you must have done your research and come up with this question: Do I get glass or do I just go for Polycarbonate glazing instead? Traditionally, greenhouses have used glass panels. In recent years, there have been advancements made in twin-wall Polycarbonate that make it equal to or even better than glass in many ways. This makes the decision tougher than it used to be. Let’s examine the pros…

  • Are Polycarbonate Greenhouses Better Than Glass Ones?

    If you are passionate about gardening, owning a greenhouse can be the ultimate dream. Greenhouses provide the ideal, controlled environment to grow all kinds of vegetables and plants all year round. The main function of a greenhouse is to secure the ideal levels of humidity and heat, which can be generated from either sunlight or an alternative source. The secret, of course, is in the materials used to construct it. Over the years, polycarbonate greenhouses have grown in popularity across…

  • The advantage of glass greenhouse

    The advantage of glass greenhouse Glass greenhouses are expensive compared with other greenhouses and are suitable for large-scale ecotourism parks. The glass greenhouse has beautiful appearance, smooth visual flow, strong wind load capacity and large displacement, and is suitable for areas with high wind and rainfall. Here are the advantages and uses of the glass greenhouse: Advantages of the glass greenhouse: 1. Evenly distributed light in the room: the triangular roof of the large slope (that is, there is only…

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