• Glass Greenhouse vs Polycarbonate Greenhouse

    If you are considering getting a greenhouse or building one yourself, you must have done your research and come up with this question: Do I get glass or do I just go for Polycarbonate glazing instead? Traditionally, greenhouses have used glass panels. In recent years, there have been advancements made in twin-wall Polycarbonate that make it equal to or even better than glass in many ways. This makes the decision tougher than it used to be. Let’s examine the pros…

  • Are Polycarbonate Greenhouses Better Than Glass Ones?

    If you are passionate about gardening, owning a greenhouse can be the ultimate dream. Greenhouses provide the ideal, controlled environment to grow all kinds of vegetables and plants all year round. The main function of a greenhouse is to secure the ideal levels of humidity and heat, which can be generated from either sunlight or an alternative source. The secret, of course, is in the materials used to construct it. Over the years, polycarbonate greenhouses have grown in popularity across…

  • Greenhouse glass:Glass options,thickness and largest sizes

    Greenhouse glass:Glass options,thickness and largest sizes Greenhouse glass:Glass options,thickness and largest sizes 1.Tempered glass types for glass greenhouse: a.Clear tempered glass,3mm ,or 4mm,some are even thicker,but the SC value will decrease. b.Low iron glass:Compared with clear one,the it has higher light transmittance and higher SC which allow more solar energy pass through the glass. c.Diffused glass:it’s usually low iron diffused glass,it can transfer the direct light to shattered lights. d.AR(anti-reflective) glass:The glass can decrease the reflective ratio and increase the…

  • Low iron glass VS clear glass

    Low iron glass VS clear glass Float glass refers to the glass produced by the floating method. The general principle is to pour the molten glass into the surface of the liquid (liquid tin) with a specific gravity greater than that of the glass liquid to form the glass. The low iron glass(or ultra clear glass) is relative to normal clear glass. The color of pure glass should be colorless and transparent like white crystal (the main components of both…

  • Glass Greenhouse Advantages

    Glass Greenhouse Advantages Ordinary greenhouses are made of plastic film, This is a simple and practical cultivation facility that uses bamboo, steel and other materials, and covers plastic film to form arched sheds for cultivation of crops such as vegetables. This greenhouse is easy to construct, easy to use, and low in cost. However, there is a problem with the material shed, that is, the general weather is good, and it will become like this in case of extreme windy…


    ONGOING PROJECTS Morn focus on greenhouse glass,facade double glazing glass,strive to be your turnkey architectural glass supplier.We’re pleased to announce that below project has been awarded by Morn,this is a good start for Morn. 1.Project Name:Glass Greenhouse Location:Canada Glass Type:4mm Clear tempered glass Quantity: 13000sqm. 2.Project Name:CORE5CIEN Glass facade Location:Mexico Glass Type:6C FT+1.52PVB+6 MWDE76 FT +12A+6C FT Quantity: 22000sqm.  

  • The difference between AG glass,AR glass and AF glass.

    The difference between AG glass,AR glass and AF glass. AG-glass (Anti-Glare glass) Anti-glare glass: By chemical etching or spraying, the reflective surface of the original glass is changed to a diffused surface, which changes the roughness of the surface of the glass, thereby producing a matte effect on the surface. When the outside light is reflected , it will form a diffuse reflection, which will reduce the reflection of light, and achieve the purpose of not glare, so that the…

  • What’s AR coated glass?

    What’s AR coated glass? AR coated glass or AR coated Anti-Reflective Glass is also known as enhanced transmission glass or anti reflective glass. The features of AR coated glass: The highest visible light transmittance is 99%, and the average visible light transmittance is over 95%, which greatly increases the original brightness of LCD and PDP and reduces energy consumption. The average reflectance is less than 4%, and the lowest value is less than 0.5% Resistant to ultraviolet rays, effectively protecting…


    HIGH SCHOOL GREENHOUSE Project Name:HIGH SCHOOL GREENHOUSE Project Type:Glass Greenhouse Location:Canada Glass Type: 6 MSE0185 low e Tempered +12A+6 Clear float tempered

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