• Laminated Glass-Single piece thickness

    Most laminated glass are made with 2 piece same thickness single pieces. Such as 21.52 PVB laminated glass,17.52mm laminated glass,12.76mm laminated glass,20.89mm SGP laminated glass,why the laminated glass shall be made with equal thickness single pieces? 1.Glass flatness.As we know that after tempering process,glass will has overall bow and local bow.thin glass,especially 3mm and 4mm will have larger overall bow,while thicker ones flatness is much better. If we laminate 4mm glass with 6mm glass,the glass flatness difference will cause imbalance…

  • Key points when purchasing greenhouse glass-tempered glass

    As we mentioned in last blog,3mm/4mm tempered glass,hard coated low e glass,double glazed units are most widely used in greenhouse,but please pay attention to below points when purchasing your greenhouse glass and select the right greenhouse glass suppliers. 3MM/4MM tempered glass: 1.Glass flatness:3mm/4mm tempered glass are usually not flat because high temperature and wind pressure when processing the tempered glass. As the glass is very thin,glass will easily deform or curved during the high temperature.It won’t affect the glass performance…

  • The factors affecting double glazed units quality

    The factors affecting insulated glass(double glazed units) quality 1.Glass cleanness and dry. 2.Washing machine water temperature,water volume,water quality and purity. 3.The dirt inside double glazed units 4.Coating position. 5.Aluminium spacer bar cleanness 6.The flatness of tempered and curved glass 7.The cleanness and trimming of laminated glass before insulating. 8.Butyl quality and workmanship. 9.The insulating panels cleanness,pressure,balance, inside insulating line. 10.Secondary sealant-silicon sealant quality. Morn building materials is your turnkey architectural glass partner.

  • Factors that affect laminated glass quality

    Factors that affect laminated glass quality The reasons for laminated glass quality are: Glass cleanness &dry: water marks,dirt,oils mark. Tempered glass flatness. Glass direction during pre-laminating. Laminating room cleanness,temperature,humidity. PVB moisture content. PVB thickness and layer qty. Over extension of PVB during laminating ,or unreasonable extra PVB length. Improper laminating techniques. China Morn Building Materials-Your Turnkey Architectural Glass Partner

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