• All glass curtain wall glass types

    All glass curtain wall , means the surface panels and fin are all glass.Glass itself is not noly the surface decoration panels,but also structural parts of the facade. All glass curtain wall height is similar as the floor height,and use tempered glass or laminated glass,thickness between 10-19mm.If glass height over 4 meters,it’s necessary to add glass fin thickness over 12mm. Classification of full glass curtain wall:suspending curtain wall and free stand type curtain wall,rib point glass curtain wall. All glass…

  • Architectural Toughened Glass/Tempered Glass

    Morn is your architectural tempered glass supplier. Architectural Toughened Glass/Tempered Glass: Before toughening process, monolithic glass can be enhanced: ♦ Appearance enhancement: Enhancement- Appearance ♦ Color Enhancement: Enhancement- Color ♦ Performance Enhancement: Enhancement-coating Features: ♦ Strength: 3-5 times higher strength than float/annealed glass. ♦ Safety:Will become small particle fragment after breaking. ♦ Can be made into curved tempered glass to fit design. Applications:  Exterior Application: Glass Facade,Glass Spandrel,  Spider Glazing/point supported-Glass Fin/Mullion ,Glass Greenhouse/Conservatory ,Tempered Glass Canopy,Glass Balustrade,Glass Handrail  Interior Application: Tempered Frameless Shower Door,Glass…

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