Glass Classification

Glass Classification

Glass Classification

  1. Tempered glass. It is processed by ordinary clear float glass. Tempered glass has two major characteristics compared to clear float glass:
    1) The strength is several times that of clear float glass, the tensile strength is three times that of the latter, and the impact resistance is more than five times that of the float glass.
    2) Tempered glass is not easy to be broken, even if it is broken, it will be broken in the form of particles without sharp angles, and the damage to human body is greatly reduced.
  2. Frosted glass.usually are sandblasted glass or acid etched glass,it’s applied in some private areas such as shower door,washroom,glass partition,patterns can be etched on glass surface so etching glass can also be used as glass stairs etc.Glass Classification

3.Patterned glass,or rolled glass, It is a flat glass manufactured by calendering. Its biggest feature is that it is opaque.

4, wired glass. It is an impact-resistant flat glass made by embedding a wire or a metal mesh in a glass plate by a calendering method. When impacted, only a radial crack is formed without causing injury to the underarm. Therefore, it is mostly used in high-rise buildings and strong buildings.
5, insulated glass,or double glazed units. The two glasses are kept at a certain interval. The air is dry in the interval, and the periphery is sealed with a sealing material. It is mainly used in the decoration works with sound insulation requirements.
6, laminated glass. Laminated glass is generally composed of an organic glue layer between two sheets of ordinary flat glass (which may also be tempered glass or other special glass) . When damaged, the PVB or SGP interlayer still adheres to the glue layer, avoiding the damage caused by the debris splash. Mostly used for renovation projects with safety requirements.
7, bulletproof glass. In fact, it is a kind of laminated glass, but with multi layer PVB and float glass,It is often used in banks or luxury homes where safety requirements are very high.
8, hot bending glass. Curved glass made by heating and softening in a mold and then annealed by flat glass.

9, glass bricks. The manufacturing process of the glass brick is basically the same as that of the flat glass, and the molding method is different.
The middle is dry air. It is mostly used in decorative projects or in light-transparent shapes with insulation requirements.
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