Aluminium folding door Supply- MBQS70 series. The aluminum alloy folding door is a kind of horizontal moving by the upper and lower rails, and the sashes are folded and pushed to the side, and are composed of an aluminum alloy profile, a glass sashes, a transmission component, a rotating arm component, a transmission rod and an orientation device. The Aluminium folding door effectively saves the space occupied by the door, and the simple push-pull action can easily play the role…

  • The application of double glazed units in buildings

    The application of double glazed units in buildings In general buildings, the area of windows and doors accounts for 30% of the peripheral structure of the building. The energy consumption of doors and windows accounts for 40% to 50% of the heat loss of the building’s peripheral structure.Therefore, the development of new thermal insulation doors and windows is currently The main direction of the  window and doors industry. In the window, the glass area accounts for 58% to 87% of the window area. Because…

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