• How to make the glass frosted glass?

    Frosted glass is widely used in shower rooms,washrooms,glass partition that require privacy.The feature of frosted glass is ,light can transmitted through the glass but cannot see clearly through the glass.There’re several methods to make the glass frosted with patterns. 1.Sandblasted glass Sandblasted is a physics method.Through spraying emery with high pressure,the emery will remove the glass surface and make glass opaque. This method costs is low,but as the emery diameter is big,the sandblasted glass surface is very rough,can be only…

  • Architectural Laminated Glass

    Introduction of Morn laminated glass products Laminated glass: Laminated glass is combining two or more lites of glass permanently with one or more interlayers,the interlayer can be PVB,EVA and SGP interlayer,new products also contain dichroic films,smart films to make the glass more functional.the film can keep glass integrity and prevent potential damages,so laminated glass is also called laminated safety glass. Features: 1. Acoustic. Reduce at least 30Dbs noise across the glass. 2. Aesthetic.PVB/EVA laminated can be enhanced to have beautiful…

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