Float glass price increase in May

Float glass price increase in May

As we mentioned in March,the Covid 19 has brought disaster to the glass industry,see our previous blog :https://www.cnmorn.com/corona-virus-affect-the-survival-of-china-glass-companies.html

The Covid 19 virus caused the delayed production of all glass factories and construction works since May.In addition to the expand of the virus all around the world,most oversea orders were canceled or delayed,which caused that no orders from glass processing factories,the float glass factories glass stock has reached the highest point,because the glass furnace cannot be stopped and need continuous production,the 500MT/day or even up to 1000 or 1200MT/day glass production lines is facing very high risks.The produced glass panels was forced to be broken and returned to the furnace to produce again.

Float glass price increase in May

Now the orders from glass processing factories are still not big,most factories don’t have much order ,and sometimes they have to decrease glass price to get the most orders to keep the glass factory running.The decreased orders caused decreasing float glass price to the bottom and even sell in loss …

Here is a chart showing the 5mm glass price varies in the past months.

Float glass price increase in May

In April and early March when the Covid was not heavy in China,float glass price keeps high and was expecting flourish new year after the Chinese year,while,with the delayed re-starting of glass processing factories and decreased orders,glass price decrease all the time since May and reached the lowest point by the end of April.The price was almost the lowest point in the past 5 years.

Since May,most China construction works has started and the glass market demand is becoming big,in addition to the China government’s policy to start new turn large scale infrastructure construction,glass price increase since may and will be back to the normal level by the end of June or in July.

Compared with glass,other construction materials’ price varies much bigger than glass.For example ,aluminium ignot,price decreased to the lowest point in April and till now price has increased by around 20%,and steel price has also increased by 10% in May,2020.

The building materials price will keep going with the increasing China domestic market,with the eliminated Covid 19 virus,oversea orders will also comes since Julyy or August,then all the factories will enjoy a booming market demand and a good harvest in 2020.

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