FAQ about insulated glass

FAQ about insulated glass

1.High SC and low SC,which one is better?

Glass with different SC are suitable for different climate areas.Higher SC will decrease the heating costs in winter by allowing more solar energy through the glass,this glass suites for long winter areas.Lower SC value will decrease the solar energy and suits for hot areas,such as middle east,Southeast Asia.

2.What’s the feature of low e glass.

a.High infrared reflective.

b.Low e value,with low capability of absorbing solar energy.

c.Various SC value to match different area requirement.

FAQ about insulated glass

3.Why low-E glass can reflect solar energy?

There’s silver layers inside the low-E coating ,and can reflect 98% far infrared solar energy just like mirrors.While the adjustable SC can adjust the solar energy that transmitted into the room.

4.What’s reflective glass?

Reflective glass is a kind of coated glass,after coating the glass SC value decrease from 0.98 to 0.2-0.6.

5.What’s the difference between solar reflective glass and low-E glass?

Solar reflective glass limit the solar direct energy through the glass by decreasing glass SC value,while low-E glass limit the far infrared energy through the glass,and low-E glass has adjustable SC value.

6.What’s the energy transmitted the glass?

a.Solar direct energy,SC value means the direct solar energy transmitted the glass,lower SC,better energy saving effect.

b.infrared energy and far infrared energy.Low-E glass can reflect most far infrared energy and the insulating spacer will also decrease the transmittance of energy directly through the glass.

7.What kinds of popular low-E type?

a.Hard coated low-E  with E=0.28,it can be used in single glazing,can be made into tempered glass,laminated glass and insulated glass,but its energy saving performance cannot match off line low-E.

b.Soft coated low-E,also named off line low-E,the best triple silver low-E can reach over 2.2 LSG ,and E below 0.05.

FAQ about insulated glass

8.Which glass surface shall we place the low-E coating on?

The low-E coating position affect the SC value but has same U value.When low-E coating on surface #3,the SC value will be higher.So in cold areas,it’s recommended to place the coating on surface #3,in hot areas,place it on surface #2.

9.How much UV the low-E glass can barrier?

Low-e coating can obstruct around 25% UV,it cannot resist 100% but can decrease the fading of furniture.

10.What’s the lifetime of low-E coating?

The low e coating lifetime is same as the insulated glass.When the low-e coating is exposed in the air,it will lost energy saving performance within short time.

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