Factors that affect tempered glass flatness

Factors that affect tempered glass flatness


The heat treated glass is not as flat as float glass,the uneven ,both glass overall bow and local bow will cause visual distortion after glass was installed.If made into laminated glass,the overall thickness of laminated glass is different,the uneven will cause bubbles at glass edge or center and affect laminated glass quality.For insulated glass,the uneven PIB cause poor sealing quality,and somewhere will cause the installation.

Factors that affect tempered glass flatness
The reasons cause glass flatness problem is:
1.1 Heating rollers deformation
The rollers will have some deformation during long term high temperature,the deformation of the heating rollers will cause glass uneven when glass moving on the uneven rollers.
1.2 The abrasion of rollers
Long term working and frequent trimming on the rollers will cause uneven rollers ,or decreased diameter.Sometimes new replaced rollers works together with old previous rollers,the different abrasived rollers will cause deform when softened glass moving on the rollers
1.3 Uneven rollers on the cooling process

Factors that affect tempered glass flatness

2.1 Temperature difference between glass top and bottom
The glass top was heated by radiation while the bottom is heated by conduction ,which is easy to cause the different temperature between glass surface and glass uneven problem.
2.1 Temperature difference between glass center and edge
3.1 Partial temperature difference of the glass
This is usually caused by broken machine parts during the heating and cooling process.

Factors that affect tempered glass flatness

Glass tempering process contains many parameters,operators shall test samples before starting large scale production.Once the glass is unqualified,check the machine and adjust the tempering parameters,check machine status and improve to avoid more non-conforming glass products.

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