Factors affect the facade materials costs

Factors affect the facade materials costs

What are the main factors affecting the cost of curtain wall materials? Today, I will tell you about it:

First, building glass

Factors affect the facade materials costs

1.glass raw materials: clear glass (conventional), french green, low iron glass, etc.
2, the configuration of the glass: single piece, insulated glass,laminated insulated glass and so on.
3, glass coating: single silver Low-e, double silver Low-e, solar reflective glass
4, Secondary sealant: plastic brand (conventional domestic, imported Dow corning,Sika sealant), secondary sealant depth (structural sealant ≤ 12mm).
5, Insulated glass spacers: silver-white aluminum spacers (conventional), black aluminum spacers, Technofone warm edge spacers, Technofone stainless steel composite warm edge spacers.
6, glass sizes: normal size ≤ 2440 * 3660mm; super thick and ultra long glass, curved glass, non-rectangular glass, etc. affect the cost, need more attention in the process.
7, PVB film: normally are clear PVB, if the film for translucent or other color PVB will increases the cost.
8,Glass brand: CSG, Taiwan Glass, Xinyi, SYP, etc.

Second, aluminum profiles

Factors affect the facade materials costs

1, aluminum ingot price. The market price of aluminum ingots is changing every day.
2, surface treatment: anodizing, powder coating,PVDF coating
a. Anodizing:
Film thickness: 10 microns, 15 microns (conventional), 20 microns, 25 microns.
Color: silver oxide white (conventional), bronze, oxidized champagne, oxidized black.
b. Powder Coating:
Warranty period: 5-10 years in accordance with the national standard indoor;
Meets AAMA2063 outdoor warranty for 10 years indoors for 15 years;
Meets AAMA2064 outdoor warranty for 15 years indoors for 20 years;
Meets AAMA2065 outdoor 20 years indoor 25 years.
The longer the warranty period, the higher the cost.
Powder brand: domestic brand Shi Li, Hui Xu, Jin Gaoli
Imported brands: Akzo Nobel, Tiger, DuPont
Color: standard color (plain), metallic, bright
The brighter the color, the higher the cost
c. PVDF coating:
Warranty period: The PVDF coting warranty period is generally 15 years, and can also be 20 years.
Paint brand: domestic brand Copgle, KGE, Ding Dian, etc.
Imported brands PPG, Akzo Nobel, VALSPAR, Nippon, etc.
Coating requirements: two coats (less used, only for part of the color), three coats (conventional), four coats
3, profile section size
The diagonal line Φ>240mm, because the required tonnage of the profile extrusion machine is higher, the aluminum profile processing cost is high,
4, aluminum profile alloy grade
The conventional is 6063-T5/T6; if the cost is 6061-T6, it is slightly higher than 6063-T5/T6.
5, injection molding surface profiles
When the coated aluminum profile and the glass are bonded by structural sealant, the surface of the aluminum profile is not required to be PVDF or powder coated, and needs to be protected by a high temperature protective film, and the surface is required to be chromed to ensure the aluminum profile and the glue. compatibility.
6, heat insulation strip cross-sectional shape and size

Factors affect the facade materials costs

Third, aluminum panel

1, aluminum ingot price
The market price of aluminum ingots is changing every day. The price we signed with the manufacturer generally adopts the price of aluminum ingot price.
2, surface treatment: PVDF coating, powder coating (refer to aluminum profiles)
3, processing difficulty: reference plate type and shapes
4. Arrangement of reinforcing ribs: Technical specification for processing aluminum veneer of curtain wall
5, style size: the length and width of the panel after the expansion of the shortest side size ≤ 1500mm; more than 1500 mm board is an ultra-wide board.
6, material requirements: 3003H24, 1100H24, etc.
7, aluminum plate with the manufacturer’s brand requirements, we generally have no aluminum plate bearing brand requirements for the cooperation of aluminum plate factory,

Factors affect the facade materials costs

Fourth, aluminum composite panel

1, aluminum ingot price
2, specifications: commonly used indoor 3mm thick aluminum composite panel, surface polyester, aluminum skin thickness 0.21mm; outdoor 4mm thick aluminum composite panel, surface fluorocarbon, aluminum skin thickness 0.5mm;
3, division: standard width 1220mm, 1500mm; if other fixed width increases cost and must reach a certain amount (more than 2500 square meters). Therefore, it is necessary to consider issues such as the yield rate.
4, fire performance rating requirements: fire performance A2, B1; conventional no fire requirements.
5, aluminum plastic panel color must be guaranteed more than 600 square meters.

Factors affect the facade materials costs

Every requirement affect the price much so please do list your requirement clearly when enquiry,also please compare price based on same raw materials,inspection standards to compare the processing fees difference.Some factories use high quality raw materials but has lower profit than the others who use bad quality materials and much lower price.
Morn is your turnkey China facade materials supplier,we work with industry leader: WHTB Glass,Huajian Aluminium,Winow Aluminium veneer and Assa Abloy hardware to fulfill your project requirement.
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