Extra optional function of smart bathroom mirror

With the development of technology,the function of mirrors are not limited to make up,more and more functions are added to the mirror.The more popular intelligent bathroom mirror appears in everyone’s field of vision, the mirror now becomes a combination of make up,entertainment,lights,becomes more safe,more complex and more interesting,here are some extra available function options that customers can add to their smart glass:
Extra optional function of smart bathroom mirror
1.Anti fog function:Manu customers find it difficult to use the mirrors ,especially after showering,the fogs on mirror makes it hard to see clearly.The smart bathroom mirror on the market can add anti fog function, which is one of the differences between smart bathroom mirror and ordinary bathroom mirror. After adding the anti fog function, you don’t need to take a cloth to wipe the mirror after each bath to see clearly, giving you the most real self.
2.Touch switch lights.
The touch switch on mirrors allow people to light the frames with LED strips.The waterproof LED drives can reach IP66 and even IP69 to avoid the mirror rusting.The lights colors varies from 3000K to 6000K,warm color and white color,customers can also customized the light color and make the mirror with several color options.
3.Digiatlly clock /Temperature display.
The new intelligent bathroom mirror is a mirror based on Android system. It can combine the system with home decoration and display real-time time and temperature.
Besie clock/temperature shows,more advanced display screen can be added to the mirror and turn it to be a ipad.It allows users to check today’s news, weather and other information by touching the screen when they wash their hands or face. It can also leave words for their families and track the water and electricity consumption of their families.
4.Bluetooth function.
The smart bathroom mirror is also reflected in the connection of network and online listening to songs. Enjoy singing in the bathroom.
5.Make up mirror.
The function allows partial of the mirror to be make up mirror.
Extra optional function of smart bathroom mirror
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