• Decorative Laminated Glass

    Decorative Laminated Glass Traditional Laminated glass are always clear,opaque,or translucent with PVB,SGP inside.The only methods to make glass colorful is using tinted glass,silk screen on glass surface ,and digital printing process.While for most interior glass,such as glass partition,glass conference room,KTV,hotels etc,the requirement of laminated glass decorative function is huge and variety,which is not suitable for large scale production.Here comes EVA decorative laminated glass. Laminated materials options: A.Organic Laminated Glass. The organic materials is made with woven fabrics with different colored…

  • Digitally printed glass VS UV printed glass

    Digitally printed glass VS UV printed glass Silk screen glass is an traditional glass that used as glass spandrel ,and decorative glass with different colors,but the for technics limitation,the color types on one piece silk screen glass is only 2-3,it cannot show complex patterns on glass surface. Digitally printed glass is from Israel company -DipTech,their machine allow glass processors print whatever patterns they want on glass surface,especially pictures with multi complex colors.As alternative of silk screen glass that can be…

  • Laminated glass lifetime

    Laminated glass lifetime Laminated glass is a composite glass product in which two or more layers of organic polymer interlayer film are sandwiched between glass and processed to make the glass and the intermediate film adhere together for a long time. The laminated glass will be stuck to the film even if the glass is broken, which effectively prevents the occurrence of debris pitting and penetrating fall events, and ensures personal safety. The lifetime of laminated glass depends mainly on…

  • Difference between PVB,EVA ,SGP interlayer

    Difference between PVB,EVA ,SGP interlayer Laminated glass is also known as safety glass. As the name suggests, laminated glass is composed of multiple layers of glass. Except for the glass, the interlayer in the middle of the glass. Usually there are three kinds of interlayers: EVA, PVB, SGP. PVB PVB is a widely used sandwich material for architectural glass and automotive glass. The storage process and processing method of PVB interlayer is more complicated than EVA, and the requirements for…

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