• Coating types on Building Glass

    Coating types on Building Glass The original function of glass,is just covering, protect the house from rains,snows,winds,With the development of technology,many kinds of coatings are developed to suite different requirement,such as energy saving,thermal insulation,etc.This article will guide you the coating types and the function of coatings. Energy Saving ,thermal insulation coatings The energy consumed by the air conditioners account most building energy consumption.Single piece glass U value reaches 5.8W/,M2.K,.Modern buildings especially high rise commercial buildings require energy saving glass to…

  • FAQ about insulated glass

    FAQ about insulated glass 1.High SC and low SC,which one is better? Glass with different SC are suitable for different climate areas.Higher SC will decrease the heating costs in winter by allowing more solar energy through the glass,this glass suites for long winter areas.Lower SC value will decrease the solar energy and suits for hot areas,such as middle east,Southeast Asia. 2.What’s the feature of low e glass. a.High infrared reflective. b.Low e value,with low capability of absorbing solar energy. c.Various…

  • Why we use triple silver low-E on your facade?

    Why we use triple silver low-E on your facade? Currently single silver low-E cannot meet the architectural energy saving requirement,the new double silver low-E and triple silver low-E ,in addition to the argon filled glass,triple glazing has decreased the glass U value significantly,especially the passive glass,through argon filled triple glazing with two pieces double silver low-E,the glass Uvalue has decreased to 0.6W/m2.k.Triple silver low-E has been more and more popular,then why shall we use triple silver low-e in your facade?…

  • The advantages of insulated glass in curtain wall

    The advantages of insulated glass in curtain wall Superior energy-saving effect: Modern building energy consumption is mainly air conditioning and lighting. The former accounts for 55% of energy consumption, the latter accounts for 23% of energy consumption, and glass is the thinnest and most heat-transferable material in the exterior wall of buildings. Insulated glass creates a air barrier between the extrior and indoor and the temperature insulation performance is excellent. High soundproof performance: Insulated glass can reduce noise by 27-40…

  • Knowledge about Low e glass

    Knowledge about Low e glass Low e glass features and application LOW-E glass is not low, but commonly known as “low-emissivity glass”, is a vacuum magnetic sputtering coating on the surface of the glass it’s a low-emission metal film and metal compound film, the coating has a high light transmittance, Excellent thermal insulation and good light transmission.  noise reduction, sound insulation and UV protection functions. low e glass main features are: 1. Excellent thermal performance Doors and windows using low…

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