• What’s hot bending glass?

    What’s hot bending glass? Some projects require curved tempered glass with small radius (R< 1000mm),but most glass manufacturers cannot process this curved glass for machine limit. Let’s take LandGlass tempering machine as example,the min curved glass radius is: 5-6mm:Rmin =1000mm 8-12mm:Rmin =1500mm 15-19mm:Rmin =2500mm Then hot bending glass can solve this problem perfectly.Different from tempered glass,hot bending glass can be made in many shapes:Small radius,90 degree,double curved glass etc,here are some pics that shows the hot bending glass fantastic different…

  • Creative Architectural Glass

    Introduction of Morn creative glass Morn offers Clear float glass,low iron float glass, tinted glass,aluminium/silver mirror as well if required. Beside traditional architectural glass, Morn devote to developing more new creative architrectural glass products, containing: ♦ EVA Laminated Glass ♦ Smart Glass ♦ Back Paint Glass ♦ Decorative Mirrors ♦ Carton packed shower rooms ♦ Fire Proof Glass ♦ Bullet Proof Glass ♦ Blind Glass ♦ Double Curved Glass ♦ To be continued China Morn Building Materials-Your Turnkey Architectural Glass Partner

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