Digitally printed glass VS UV printed glass

Silk screen glass is an traditional glass that used as glass spandrel ,and decorative glass with different colors,but the for technics limitation,the color types on one piece silk screen glass is only 2-3,it cannot show complex patterns on glass surface.

Digitally printed glass VS UV printed glass

Digitally printed glass is from Israel company -DipTech,their machine allow glass processors print whatever patterns they want on glass surface,especially pictures with multi complex colors.As alternative of silk screen glass that can be used on exterior decoration works,more and more clients choose digitally printed glass on the curtain wall and cladding works to make the building unique.
The biggest advantage of digitally printed glass is ,the inks used is ceramic powders,after tempering process,the ink will bond with glass permanently and won’t fade,cannot be removed from glass surface,it can be made into PVB/SGP laminated glass,insulated glass,While the shortage is the printed patterns color is not shine,so it’s suitable for large panels and view from far distance.While if clients want to change the patterns,they’ll have to change the whole glass facade,it’s not convenient and costs very high.
Many China machine factories developed similar function printing machine,but the precison,color cannot match with DipTech.

Digitally printed glass VS UV printed glass

UV printed glass,it’s low temperature inks,cannot stand the high temperature even the temperature of autoclave furnace.Compared with digitally printed glass,UV printed patterns is more bright colored and more beautiful,the pattern can be printed directly on tempered glass, or on a film that is widely used in light box ads and been laminated inside EVA laminated glass.
UV printed glass is more suitable for interior decoration,especially glass floor,partition,doors,tabletops etc,low costs and easy to process.The disadvantage is EVA
lami cannot be used as exterior glass,the strength is relatevely lower than PVB laminated glass.

Digitally printed glass VS UV printed glass

Morn is your turnkey digitally printed glass manufacturer and supplier from China,whether it’s interior UV printed glass or exterior digitally printed glass,Morn can
always offer the best,let’s work on your next great building.

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