• Greenhouse glass:Glass options,thickness and largest sizes

    Greenhouse glass:Glass options,thickness and largest sizes Greenhouse glass:Glass options,thickness and largest sizes 1.Tempered glass types for glass greenhouse: a.Clear tempered glass,3mm ,or 4mm,some are even thicker,but the SC value will decrease. b.Low iron glass:Compared with clear one,the it has higher light transmittance and higher SC which allow more solar energy pass through the glass. c.Diffused glass:it’s usually low iron diffused glass,it can transfer the direct light to shattered lights. d.AR(anti-reflective) glass:The glass can decrease the reflective ratio and increase the…

  • The advantage of diffused glass in Greenhouse

    The advantage of diffused glass in Greenhouse Glass has been used as primary glazing materials for greenhouse for long times because of its high light transmittance and longevity.Compared with other glazing materials, glass has high price and has poor thermal insulation properties.Although glass high daylight transmits , most of that light penetrates through the glazing directly;only little are diffused light. Therefore, glass-glazed greenhouse has better lighting than most other glazing choices, on sunny days the uniformity of that light is poor since the structure and overhead obstructions (heat pipes, hanging baskets, etc.) solid distinct shadows on crops below. Diffused glass is usually low iron patterned glass that scattering the sunshine. A challenge is…

  • Glass Greenhouse Advantages

    Glass Greenhouse Advantages Ordinary greenhouses are made of plastic film, This is a simple and practical cultivation facility that uses bamboo, steel and other materials, and covers plastic film to form arched sheds for cultivation of crops such as vegetables. This greenhouse is easy to construct, easy to use, and low in cost. However, there is a problem with the material shed, that is, the general weather is good, and it will become like this in case of extreme windy…

  • Greenhouse Glass

    Greenhouse Glass Greenhouse Glass is the most important part of Morn Building Materials. The greenhouse glass require high light transmittance and low reflectivity to achieve the most solar transmittance. Most widely used greenhouse glass are : 3mm/4mm  Tempered Glass: Clear Tempered glss and low iron tempered glass usually used in traditional glass greenhouse because of it’s low costs and high cost performance. Diffused Glass: With the development of technology,new glass that require higher light transmittance and low reflective glass appeared:…

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