• What’s the difference between silver mirror and aluminium mirror?

    Silver mirror and aluminium mirror is widely used in furniture,arts,interior decoration,shower rooms,autos. Thickness varies from 1.1mm to 8mm,and Max size 3660*2440mm,the mirror is not only clear color,but also bronze,grey,green,blue colors to achieve different decorative effects. While as silver mirror and aluminium mirror are very similar and clients cannot identify silver mirror and aluminium mirror very clearly,here we offer several methods to identify silver mirror and aluminium mirror. 1.Definition. Silver mirror definition is much higher and clear than aluminium mirror. The…

  • What’s the difference between back painted glass and silk screen glass?

    Both silk screen glass and back printed glass are widely used in interior and exterior decoration,but what’s their difference? 1.Thee function difference. Silk screen glass a.Compared with bricks,stones,ceramic tilts,silk screen glass is cheap and simple. b.Various colors and patterns.It can be silk screened with various colors to match the curtain wall color. c.Easy cleaning.No absorption,no color changing. d.The non-organic inks will not fall or fade after installation,the colors won’t change and last long time. e.The silk screen surface and absorb…

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