Decorative Laminated Glass

Decorative Laminated Glass

Traditional Laminated glass are always clear,opaque,or translucent with PVB,SGP inside.The only methods to make glass colorful is using tinted glass,silk screen on glass surface ,and digital printing process.While for most interior glass,such as glass partition,glass conference room,KTV,hotels etc,the requirement of laminated glass decorative function is huge and variety,which is not suitable for large scale production.Here comes EVA decorative laminated glass.

Decorative Laminated Glass

Laminated materials options:

A.Organic Laminated Glass.

The organic materials is made with woven fabrics with different colored patterns inside.To cooperate with customers different requirement,we work with many organic manufacturers in China and offer numerous organic patterns options for customers,click here to download some of our available patterns:

Organics Option

Decorative Laminated Glass

B.Wire Mesh Laminated Glass

Beside organics,woven wiremesh options with metal appearance are available here.

Decorative Laminated Glass

Click here to download some of our available patterns:


EVA decorative laminated glass has widely been used in hotels,shower rooms,conference room,glass partition,glass wall,MORN is your turnkey decorative glass manufacturer and supplier in China,welcome contact us for more info.

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