Decorative cross bars for insulated glass

Decorative cross bars for insulated glass

Most insulated glass are supported by aluminium spacer or stainless steel bar, or warm edge space bar at glass edge to support and bond the glass.This kind insulated glass is widely used in glass facade,high rise glass cladding,while in some small villa,and low rise buildings,clients would like to add cross bars to decorate the glass and make it more beautiful.

Decorative cross bars for insulated glass

Decorative cross bar is also made with aluminium profiles,Different from aluminium spacer bar,it’s used in glass middle,or glass center,it doesn’t support the insulated but only have decorative function.

Decorative cross bars for insulated glass
Feature of decorative bar:
1.Various colors are available to match the windows frame or facade colors.The decorative bar color can be bespoked.
2.Decorative function:It will change the windows style and make it typical Chinese traditional or western Church styles.
3.Flexible shapes:it can not only been made into cross shape,but also many different shapes to create unique patterns.
4.Cheap price.The thin aluminium bar weight little,it won’t increase insulated glass weight much but price is relative low.
5.Long lifetime:The joint point is treated smoothly ,and strong,lifetime is same as the insulated glass.PVDF or powder coated surface also increase the bar life.
6.Compared with normal insulated glass,the aluminium cross bar installation is same.
7.Low-E coatings is also available for insulated glass with cross bars.

Decorative cross bars for insulated glass

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