Decent PVB new products-Achieve low iron effect through special PVB

In the Chinaglass show during 22-25th,May,Decent PVB showed their newest PVB products named GLE PVB.

The traditional way to achieve ultra clear laminated glass is through ultra clear glass and ultra clear PVB interlayer,the ultra clear glass,or low iron glass costs is about 1.5 times that of clear one,some international brands,such as PPG Starphire,price is 3-4 times that of normal clear glass.Ultra clear PVB from Trosifol is also 2 times that of normal PVB,which caused the ultra clear laminated glass costs very high.

The GLE PVB from Decent changed the spectrum when light transmit the glass,and eliminate the green spectrum caused by the FE inside the clear glass,even laminate with normal clear glass,the effect is quite different and even better than same thickness low iron laminated glass.

See below glass color comparison between GLE PVB laminated and normal clear laminated glass.

Decent PVB new products-Achieve low iron effect through special PVB

Morn can supply GLE PVB laminated glass from China and make it a perfect alternative of low iron laminated glass when clients want to achieve ultra clear effect in your projects,welcome contact us for more info.

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