• Extra optional function of smart bathroom mirror

    With the development of technology,the function of mirrors are not limited to make up,more and more functions are added to the mirror.The more popular intelligent bathroom mirror appears in everyone’s field of vision, the mirror now becomes a combination of make up,entertainment,lights,becomes more safe,more complex and more interesting,here are some extra available function options that customers can add to their smart glass: 1.Anti fog function:Manu customers find it difficult to use the mirrors ,especially after showering,the fogs on mirror makes…

  • What’s the difference between aluminium miror,silver mirror,copper free mirror?

    There’re many mirror options in the market with different pricing ,but normal customers don’t know exactly why the price are different,and cannot identify which is aluminium mirror,silver mirror and copper free mirror.After they purchasing the cheap aluminium mirrors,especially single paint aluminium mirrors,customers found the quality is quite poor and cannot meet customers requirement,so before purchasing a mirror,customers should know the difference and features of different mirror products. Firstly,the deciding points affecting mirror price is the coating used in Mirror. What’s…

  • Mirror Products

    Mirror ,widely used in home decoration,while for most hotel and public building products,customers always find it difficult to find the right mirror manufacturer and supplier to meet the big dimension/various sizes requirement,Morn work with all kinds of China mirror manufacturers and supply all kinds of mirror products. Mirror Options: A.Aluminium Mirror B.Silver Mirror C.Copper Free Mirror D.Body Tinted Mirror products. Above are the most basic mirror products to meet different price expections.Customers can also select the mirror substrate types,such as…


    LED SMART MIRROR SUPPLY Mirror is used in every family,the most common used mirror is silver mirror,aluminium mirror,copper free mirror.Now days with the development of customers,new LED smart mirror is developed to meet the high end requirement of hotels,houses,villas. LED mirror ,or LED smart mirror component: Mirror: The perfect mirror used is copper free mirror,5mm is enough to meet daily requirement. Round corners and straight corners are used according to the final shape of mirrors. Mirror colors, clear mirror,bronze mirror,gray…

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