Color Enhancement

Designers and architects design buildings colorful and enjoyable,Morn offer various colorful glass through several methods to achieve fantastic building effect.

1. Tinted glass options
Float glass manufacturers offers several colorful tinted glass for beauty and shading coefficient purpose.

A. Clear glass
B. Low iron glass-also called ultra clear glass
C. Blue color- Ford blue/Ocean Blue/Light Blue
D. Grey Color-Euro gray/Crystal gray/Dark gray
E. Green color-French green/Natural green/Huafu green
F. Bronze color-Euro bronze/Golden bronze
G. Pink color
Patterned Glass
Ocean blue glass
Ocean blue glass

Download the glass performance data ,click here: Morn monothlic&Laminated Glass Performance Data
Download the Clear patterned glass patterns,click here: MORN-CLEAR PATTERNED GLASS
Download the Low iron patterned glass patterns,click here: MORN PATTERN-LOW IRON

2. Tinted PVB/SGP options
Tinted color glass cannot transfer designer’s concept to reality for limited color options.To increase more possibility,PVB fabricators offer new and gorgeous colorful PVB,not only frosted glass which is similar as acid etched glass,but also numerous color options.

From Trosifol, to Eastman Vanceva series, thousands of color combination make every creation become reality.


Note: Please consult our sales for order MOQ and color availability.
Download the Eastman Vanceva brochure,click here: Morn-Vanceva color brochure

China Vanceva laminated glass MORN
MORN Colorful Vanceva skylight

3. Ceramic silk screen
Also named ceramic fritted glass,screen patterned glass,No Matter tinted float or colorful PVB,they can only achieve full plate color,when it comes to partial colorful requirement,then silk screen glass is your best solution.

Dots,belts,frames and even portrait,silk screen glass can combine privacy,beauty,and solar shading effects perfectly.

What’s ceramic frit glass?

4. Digital ceramic printing
Silk screen can only realize simple patterns,when you want the buildings looks like a jumbo picture with splendid mixed colors,digitally printed glass is best option.Equipped with Diptech,we can achieve whatever pattern you want.

Holland-digitally printed glass house

digitally printed tempered glass partition


5. Painted glass
Back painted glass(opaque glass) is made by mirror production line,used for interior decoration,splashback,

Cheap Back Painted glass
Painted glassChina Morn Building Materials-Your Turnkey Architectural Glass Partner

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