Coating types on Building Glass

Coating types on Building Glass

The original function of glass,is just covering, protect the house from rains,snows,winds,With the development of technology,many kinds of coatings are developed to suite different requirement,such as energy saving,thermal insulation,etc.This article will guide you the coating types and the function of coatings.

  1. Energy Saving ,thermal insulation coatings

The energy consumed by the air conditioners account most building energy consumption.Single piece glass U value reaches 5.8W/,M2.K,.Modern buildings especially high rise commercial buildings require energy saving glass to save costs.The energy saving coatings were developed .

a.Solar reflective glass.

Coating types on Building Glass

Actually solar reflective glass are usually used as glass spandrels to match the insulated glass,while in some developing countries,reflective glass is used,its high light reflective and low SC values reflect most solar energy.

b.Low-E coatings

Coating types on Building Glass

Lowe coatings include single silver low-E,double silver low-E,triple silver low-E.The difference is the silver layers numbers inside the coating.Compared with clear insulated glass 2.8W/M2.K U value,double glazed units with low-E coatings can reach 1.5W/M2.K.The most advanced low-E IGU combination is:Triple silver low-E coated+12WAR+clear +12WAR Triple silver low-E coated,U value can be 0.6w/m2.k.This kind of glass is used in passive buildings and keep the minimum temperature difference between indoor and outdoor.

c.Nano coatings on glass.

It’s new and simple coatings developed these years,the coatings on clear glass can decrease SC significantly.But there’s no official data shows its energy saving performance,here we just list here.

With the vacuum glass research,the low-E coating will be replaced by vacuum glass finally.

  1. Functional coatings
  2. a.Anti-reflective coatings

Coating types on Building Glass

The greenhouse/solar glass industry require high light transmittance and allow more sun energy penetrate the glass.Anti reflective coatings will increase the light transmittance by around 2.5% and decrease the light reflective to around 2%.Even though the difference looks small,but the large scale application will make a big difference.

Anti-reflective coatings are also used in museums to ensure better visiting effect.

b.Self cleaning coatings

Coating types on Building Glass

In some areas,such as skylight,high rise buildings,it’s difficult and high costs to clean the glass.Self cleaning coatings makes the glass easy to clean and maintenance.

c.Photovoltaic coatings.

Coating types on Building Glass

Now days,glass function is not only shield,glass are used to generate powers.The popular coatings include Cdte coatings,more coatings are developed to make the glass transfer solar energy to electric.

d.ITO coatings.

Coating types on Building Glass

Full name is indium tin oxides coatings.It’s used for display device.

Actually there’re many more coatings,such as anti-bacterials used in hospitals and home appliance,one-way mirrors that used in police bureau, optical coatings for glasses to protect the clients eyes,etc.

The glass coatings are becoming more and more,we’re suing all kinds of coated glass in daily life,the technology development will bring more new and advanced coatings for glass to facilitate our life.

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