• Factors affect insulated glass performance

    Factors affect insulated glass performance 1. The spacer thickness: mainly by controlling the thickness to avoid the formation of turbulent airflow inside the insulated glass, the cold and hot airflow of the control gas interfere with each other, or control the airflow of the rising and falling air to interfere with each other to control the flow of the heat convection. 2.Gas type and humidity inside insulated glass: The inert gas filled in the interior of the insulated glass can…

  • LOW-E Glass Processing Instruction

    Morn offers all kinds of low e coated glass:Single silver low e,double silver low e and triple silver low e,to be your turnkey building glass supplier,here is a low e coated glass processing instruction to help insulated glass manufacturers decreasing defective ratio and save costs during processing low e glass. INDEX 1.Packaging,Transportation,Storage 1.1 Packaging 1.2 Transportation 1.3 Storage 2.Basic processing requirement 3.Processing instructions 3.1 Unloading 3.2 Unpacking 3.3 Cutting 3.4 Edging,Drilling 3.5 Washing 3.6 Tempering&Heat Strengthening 3.7 Insulating 4.FAQ &Matters…

  • How to select the right energy efficient glass?

    Architectural glass is widely used in our daily life,such as glass greenhouse/conservatory-Single piece tempered glass,Glass balustrade/canopy-laminated glass,Glass curtain wall-double glazed units.But glass a good thermal conductive material,Heat conduction through the glass occurs every second causing energy loss.In buildings, 1/3 of the energy is lost through the conduction of glass. Energy efficiency has increasingly valued by architects and developers to minimize the energy consumption of the building. 1 Main parameters of glass energy efficiency evaluation There are usually three forms of…

  • The defects of coated glass and solutions

    Off-line(soft coated) magnetron sputter coated glass can be divided into two categories: solar control glass and low e glass. The defects ratios of them are different. The following describes the defects and solutions for these two categories of products. 1. solar control glass,solar reflective glass, common defects and solutions Solar Control Coated Glass: A coated glass that has a certain control effect on sunlight with a wavelength of 350 to 1800 nm. It has the following drawbacks: Pinhole: Seen from…

  • Light pollution of glass curtain wall

    The light pollution of the glass curtain wall refers to the use of  coated glass on the curtain wall of high-rise buildings. When direct sunlight and skylight are irradiated onto the glass surface, the specular reflection (ie, specular reflection) of the glass. And the resulting reflected glare. Light pollution is the murderer of accidental traffic accidents. A glass walled building stands like a huge mirror with a width of tens of meters and a height of nearly 100 meters. It…

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