Choose the right glass for your skylight projects

Choose the right glass for your skylight projects

There’re variety glass toptions that can be used in buildings,it is often confusing to decide what kind glass to be used in terms of safety, thermal and solar performance and balancing cost with the benefits.
When it comes to skylight projects,what factors should be the most concern consideration ?

Choose the right glass for your skylight projects

DOUBLE GLAZING -insulated glass
The double glazed unit used in glass skylight should be toughened glass or heat strengthened glass. The inner pane may be toughened or laminated depend on location and height above ground.
If the rood skylight height don’t exceed 5 meters,double insulated glass is the most ecomonic option, If the height exceeds this, then laminated glass should be used for the inner pane.

To increase the glass performance,several factors need to consider:
Low emissivity coating on glass surface will decrease the thermal insulation performance,especially the U value from 2.8W/m2.k to only 1.6W/m2.k ,when combining with argon ,the typical U value of glass centre will decrease to only 1.2W/m2.k.

This body tinted tempered glass are usually used as the outer pane ,the solar coefficient of body tinted glass is 0.6-0.8,but price is only slightly higher than normal float glass,which give the added benefit of reducing solar heat gain in summer season at reasonable cost.

The most common insulated glass use 4-6mm thick ,but when the skylihgt is really big,for exmaple 2000*3000mm or even larger,thicker glass shall be considers, 8mm,10mm and even 12mm,This require specialist manufacturing and installation by experienced companies with the necessary handling equipment and expertise. Much thicker toughened & laminated glass won’t deflect easily and can resist higher wind load,snow load and live load.

Compared with double glazed units,Triple glazed units has better thermal insulation performance,when 2 low emissivity coatings are used,the U value can decrease to only 0.60W/m2.K Consideration however, the glass thickness,glass costs are much higher than double glazed units.
Choose the right glass for your skylight projects
This has a special coating that provided improved solar control and appear more neutral in colour,the coated is our W1.1 and W1.16 ,this coating allow maximum light transmittance but with good U value.It’s recommended to use cold areas ,such as north Europe and Canada.
Click here to view our high performance W1.1 low e coating:

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Choose the right glass for your skylight projects

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