China New Glass skywalk breaks 8 world record!

Recently a new glass skywalk was finished in China Guangdong province.

The Glass bridge broke 8 world record:

  1. The world longest glass skywalk.
  2. The world widest glass skywalk.
  3. The world highest overhanging glass skywalk.
  4. The world longest overhanging glass skywalk.
  5. The world largest single piece glass area skywalk.
  6. The world largest round shape music falls.

The tennis racket shape skywalk is about 160 floors high,368 meters long.The oval shape is 168 meters and become the biggest and most exciting structural glass tourist attractions in China.

Glass is fragile products,but why it can be used as glass bridge on this special building that can stand 4,000 people visiting at the same time?Let’s find the reason why SGP laminated glass can be used as floor which above 500M height.

China New Glass skywalk breaks 8 world record!

The bridge consist of 10 low iron tempered+1.52SGP +10 low iron tempered+1.52SGP+10 low iron laminated glass.

1.Ultra Clear Glass- high light transmittance

The light transmittance of low iron glass is over 90% ,with lower iron content in the glass,low iron glass color is extra clear ,even laminated with Dupont SGP interlayer,overall glass light transmittance is over 85%.So when you see across the glass,the real undistorted sceme will make you dizzy.

  1. High strength

After tempering process,glass strength can increase about 3-5 times which offers high safety.

Tempered glass will break into small fragment and won’t hurt people.

3.Dupont SGP interlayer

Compared with PVB interlayer,The tearing strength of SGP interlayer is 5 times higher than PVB film,even if the glass breaks,the SGP can also stick the glass and form a temporary structure while
keeping small bending deformation,it can withstand a certain amount of load and whole piece laminated glass won’t fall or deform.

With above advantage,SGP laminated glass usually works as structural glass and widely used in hurricane proof balustrades,hurricane proof glass,glass roof,glass floor,high end glass facade,let’s check the brilliant new SGP laminated glass bridge:


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