• How the glass U value been affected by the installation angle?

    How the glass U value been affected by the installation angle? In most projects,glass is installed vertically.With high performance silver low-E coating,the insulated glass on the vertical facade will decrease the solar energy transmitted the glass,and save air conditioner heating and cooling fees. While many architects have designed many unique facades,the facade is not 90° vertically,but with some slopes,and glass is also used in skylight to get more light transmittance.But will the insulated glass thermal insulation performance change in this…

  • FAQ about insulated glass

    FAQ about insulated glass 1.High SC and low SC,which one is better? Glass with different SC are suitable for different climate areas.Higher SC will decrease the heating costs in winter by allowing more solar energy through the glass,this glass suites for long winter areas.Lower SC value will decrease the solar energy and suits for hot areas,such as middle east,Southeast Asia. 2.What’s the feature of low e glass. a.High infrared reflective. b.Low e value,with low capability of absorbing solar energy. c.Various…

  • How to decrease glass purchasing costs through controlling glass size

    How to decrease glass purchasing costs through controlling glass size As we know,the float glass manufacturers have limited standard float glass size options. In most cases,glass processors buy standard glass panels and then cut,edging works,tempering,laminating,insulating process etc. If your projects require 10mm 1500*1500mm tempered glass,there’ll be no suitable standard float glass sheets that can achieve high cutting ratio,you may have to cut from 2140*3050mm,in this case ,glass waste reach 30%,the costs can be USD2.5/SQM higher than 2100*1500mm. So glass waste…


    THE BENEFIT OF DOUBLE GLAZED UNITS FOR CURTAIN WALL Top building glass curtain wall is generally with insulated glass(double glazed units), glass is the most thin, easy to heat transfer in building external wall material.double glazed units with aluminum frame of desiccant through the gap above the aluminum frame that makes the air inside the insulated glass stay dry for a long time, with the excellent insulating performance. High sound insulation: double glazed units can decline of 27-40 decibel noise,…

  • Difference between PVB,EVA ,SGP interlayer

    Difference between PVB,EVA ,SGP interlayer Laminated glass is also known as safety glass. As the name suggests, laminated glass is composed of multiple layers of glass. Except for the glass, the interlayer in the middle of the glass. Usually there are three kinds of interlayers: EVA, PVB, SGP. PVB PVB is a widely used sandwich material for architectural glass and automotive glass. The storage process and processing method of PVB interlayer is more complicated than EVA, and the requirements for…

  • PVB Laminated glass VS SGP laminated glass

    PVB Laminated glass VS SGP laminated glass Laminated glass was generally made of PVB film; since PVB film was originally developed for automotive glass rather than for the building curtain wall industry, it has been used for many years in the construction industry, has a wide range of uses and achieved good safety results. However, due to the flexibility, softness and small shear modulus of PVB film, the two glasses will have relative slip, load capacity and bending deformation after…

  • Greenhouse Glass

    Greenhouse Glass Greenhouse Glass is the most important part of Morn Building Materials. The greenhouse glass require high light transmittance and low reflectivity to achieve the most solar transmittance. Most widely used greenhouse glass are : 3mm/4mm  Tempered Glass: Clear Tempered glss and low iron tempered glass usually used in traditional glass greenhouse because of it’s low costs and high cost performance. Diffused Glass: With the development of technology,new glass that require higher light transmittance and low reflective glass appeared:…


    ONGOING PROJECTS Morn focus on greenhouse glass,facade double glazing glass,strive to be your turnkey architectural glass supplier.We’re pleased to announce that below project has been awarded by Morn,this is a good start for Morn. 1.Project Name:Glass Greenhouse Location:Canada Glass Type:4mm Clear tempered glass Quantity: 13000sqm. 2.Project Name:CORE5CIEN Glass facade Location:Mexico Glass Type:6C FT+1.52PVB+6 MWDE76 FT +12A+6C FT Quantity: 22000sqm.  

  • Glass production bases in China

    Main glass production basis in China,help clients easier to find your suppliers   Despite famous brands in China,XYG,TG,CSG,XYG,Kibing,Jinjing,80% of trading companies glass source is: Clear glass: Benxi Yujing Glass -Dalian port Hebei Run’an Glass -Tianjin Port Qinhuangdao Yaohua Glass -Tianjin port Tinted glass/tinted hard reflective glass: Weihai Lanxing glass-Qingdao port Tangshan Lanxin glass-Tianjin port Low iron float glass: Shandong Jinjing glass- Qingdao port. Hebei CSG -Tianjin port Acid etched glass:Tengzhou -Qingdao port Hard coated low-E: Shandong Jinjing Glass -Qingdao port…

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