• All glass curtain wall glass types

    All glass curtain wall glass types All glass curtain wall , means the surface panels and fin are all glass.Glass itself is not noly the surface decoration panels,but also structural parts of the facade. All glass curtain wall height is similar as the floor height,and use tempered glass or laminated glass,thickness between 10-19mm.If glass height over 4 meters,it’s necessary to add glass fin thickness over 12mm. Classification of full glass curtain wall:suspending curtain wall and free stand type curtain wall,rib…

  • Introduction of China Main glass fabricators

    Introduction of China Main glass fabricators 1. CSG: Enjoying the best reputation in China,advantage is double triple silver low-E glass,Specializing in developing high technology glass. 2. XYG:Has the most sales revenue in China,has production bases in Malaysia ,and plan to build new lines in Canada.Newest strategy is international production and supply. 3. TG:Taiwan glass, HQ in Taipei,produce float glass,mirrors,patterned glass,processed glass,invests in electrical glass in the next few years. 4. SYP:Joint venture of Yaohua glass and Pilkington,producing hard coated low-E…

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