• How glass size affect the glass price?

    How glass size affect the glass price? Many clients have a concept of general price of normal glass,such as 6-12-6 insulated glass,13.52 laminated glass,while in many cases,same glass combination has quite different price,there’re many reasons causing this situation,such as order quantity,glass size,glass shape,holes&notches on glass,processing difficulty,let’s analysis how glass size affect the glass price. 1.Glass size too big. Glass factories quotation is usually based on sizes below 2440*3660mm,if glass size too big,especially for some over sized glass,point supported glass is…

  • Hard coated low e VS Soft coated low e

    Hard coated low e VS Soft coated low e Low-E glass, short for Low Emissivity Glass,It is a coating on glass surface. This glass not only has high visible light transmittance, but also has a strong ability to block infrared rays. It can play the dual functions of natural lighting and heat insulation. Low-E glass is divided into offline Low-E glass(soft coated low e) and online Low-E glass(hard coated low e) according to the manufacturing process. On-line Low-E glass is a functional film with…


    ONGOING PROJECTS Morn focus on greenhouse glass,facade double glazing glass,strive to be your turnkey architectural glass supplier.We’re pleased to announce that below project has been awarded by Morn,this is a good start for Morn. 1.Project Name:Glass Greenhouse Location:Canada Glass Type:4mm Clear tempered glass Quantity: 13000sqm. 2.Project Name:CORE5CIEN Glass facade Location:Mexico Glass Type:6C FT+1.52PVB+6 MWDE76 FT +12A+6C FT Quantity: 22000sqm.  

  • Architectural Heat Soaked Glass

    Architectural Heat Soaked Glass Introduction of Morn heat soaked glass. Architectural Toughened glass spontaneous breakage (about 3‰) without warning due to the expansion of nickel sulfide inclusions(NiS) present within float glass, it is inherent potential risks of toughened glass. Learn more about tempered glass self explosion:Tempered glass and Nis Heat soaking test is good solution to test the toughened glass and reduce the probability of self-exploded and ensure quality,the shattering proof process is used for high requirement projects. Production capability:…

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