• 24M Ultra long Aluminium Folding Door -24 SASHES

    24M Ultra long Aluminium Folding Door -24 SASHES Morn is proud to announce that we have finished an ultra long aluminium folding door project with 24 Meters long: 6063-T5 thermal break aluminium profile,,matt finish black color powder coated. 12+12 sashes,overall size: 23960*3025mm. 8mm clear tempered glass,glass size:2867*863mm *24pcs,weight around 1200kgs. Click here to check the drawings:Aluminium folding door-24 sashes drawing. Before undertaking this project,clients has asked another aluminium windows factory to produce this folding door,but after installation ,project owners found…


    Aluminium folding door Supply- MBQS70 series. The aluminum alloy folding door is a kind of horizontal moving by the upper and lower rails, and the sashes are folded and pushed to the side, and are composed of an aluminum alloy profile, a glass sashes, a transmission component, a rotating arm component, a transmission rod and an orientation device. The Aluminium folding door effectively saves the space occupied by the door, and the simple push-pull action can easily play the role…

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