Be careful of the low price suppliers

Be careful of the low price suppliers

Profit Maximization is the core of business.Most clients can’t resist the temptation of 10% lower price,it means possibility of winning bigger market share and get more profits.

Glass is low profit products,once you got a chance to purchase from a new supplier to save at least 10% budget,be care! It cannot bring more profit but endless losses, money, reputation, business etc.

Let’s take 6.38mm clear laminated glass as example.The component is 2 piece 3mm clear and 0.38mm PVB film,but if you think it simple,you’re wrong.

Laminated glass-China supplier
Laminated glass

Please see below compare based on China market materials

  1. Float Glass:Price difference can be USD0.7/SQM.
Top BrandBad Quality One
3mm clear floatUSD2USD1.65
3mm clear floatUSD2USD1.65
  1. PVB:To save costs,some fabricators use 0.3mm or even 0.25mm PVB for laminating,which can also save USD0.7/SQM.
ThicknessUnit price
0.38mm DecentUSD1.6
0.38mm Bad QualityUSD1.38
0.3mm Bad QualityUSD1.09
0.25mm Bad QualityUSD0.91

So we can see price difference is USD0.7+0.7=USD1.4/SQM,while good quality 6.38mm lami is only USD6.6/SQM,that’s 27% difference.

Laminated glass in production-MORN BUILDING MATERIALS
Laminated glass in production

Sometimes when you buy from the cheaper one but with bad quality,the supplier can get even more profits than the ones who offer quality products.

Keep away from the cheaper ones,that’s the main reason of bad reputation of “MADE IN CHINA”.

Morn will inspect the raw materials to ensure that you receive the right products with right materials.

China Morn Building Materials-Your Turnkey laminated Glass Partner

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