Balcony Glass-Laminated Safety Glass

Most balcony glass are made with 8mm/10mm/12mm toughened glass,toughened glass is 3-5 times that of float glass,it create light, clear viewing.When glass broken,it will shattered into many small particles,usually 40-80 pieces in an square area of 50*50mm.Actually even though the glass strengthen is good enough,but toughened glass can be easily broken once any hit on the corners,edges.In addition to the Nis inside float glass,there would be 3‰ spontaneous breakage ratio.Thus caused huge injury possibility ,especially for Child that live in high floors.

There was a tragic accident happened in England in 2012, a child fell through a gap left by a smashed panel of monolithic glass in the roof terrace balustrade. Following the incident, the more forward-thinking companies in the industry started to move completely away from using monolithic glass and instead use toughened laminate glass.

Different from single piece toughened glass, the laminate contains 2 piece glass and special PVB or SGP interlayers that hold the glass.So even if one piece glass break, the interlayer will keep glass integrity and work as temporary barriers and prevent drop or falling.

Balcony Glass-Laminated Safety Glass


The typical application of laminated glass is in bank, the bulletproof glass used in banks are very tough,people can hardly break it even with hammers,or other tools.So it works as good barrier and prevent people from breaking the glass and drop.

Below video shows clearly the difference between single piece glass and laminated glass safety,the tested glass include 19mm clear tempered glass,21.52mm PVB laminated glass,21.52mm SGP laminated glass:

Despite the safety concern,laminated glass can also offering privacy.Digitally printing,silk screen sandblasting,acid etching process enable the glass to have variety transparency ,and optional patterns on glass to provide efficient beauty and privacy performance.

The interlayer used in laminated glass can have different colors that body tinted glass cannot achieve,such as pink,blue,black,milky white,ceramic white colors,the variety color options also increase the overall balcony appearance and beauty.

Laminated glass is highly recommended to be used in high level glass balcony to protect people from falling down,but also protect the people under the balcony from the “glass rain”.

Balcony Glass-Laminated Safety Glass

Morn is your balcony laminated safety glass manufacturer and fabricator in China,welcome contact us for more info.

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