• What’s the function of argon gas in argon filled insulated glass?

    Argon is a kind of inert gas, which has colorless, odorless, non-toxic properties and stability. In air, its content is about 1%, and is the most economical inert gas compared with helium and neon. Argon is usually been filled in the insulated glass to increase the glass thermal insulation performance,let’s take example of single silver low-E + Clear insulated glass, argon content increase from 0-100%,the glass U value decrease from 1.86 to 1.59,for triple silver low-E glass, U value decrease…

  • some misunderstanding about glass U value

    Misunderstanding 1: Thicker glass has much better U value than thin glass, laminated glass U value is significantly lower than that of the same thickness glass. For clear float glass, the increase of glass thickness does not increase the insulation performance. For example, thick 12mm clear glass and 5mm clear glass,the thickness and glass weight increased by 1.12 times. but its U value only decreased by 7.59%. The hydrogen-filled insulating glass made of 12mm glass and 5mm glass,U value decreased…

  • The reasons for argon leakage for Insulated glass

    The argon filled insulated glass can improve the thermal insulation performance and sound insulation performance of the insulated glass, reduce the dew point of the insulated glass, prevent oxidation of the coated glass, and reduce the amount of failure of the insulated glass due to the stress . Maintaining argon gas that has been filled into the interior of the double glazed units glass for a long time is very beneficial for maintaining good performance of the insulated glass and…

  • Factors affect insulated glass performance

    Factors affect insulated glass performance 1. The spacer thickness: mainly by controlling the thickness to avoid the formation of turbulent airflow inside the insulated glass, the cold and hot airflow of the control gas interfere with each other, or control the airflow of the rising and falling air to interfere with each other to control the flow of the heat convection. 2.Gas type and humidity inside insulated glass: The inert gas filled in the interior of the insulated glass can…

  • Materials that affect double glazed units energy efficiency and lifetime

    insulated glass must meet two basic requirements namely energy efficient, durability and sealing life. If an double glazed units has a poor energy efficient effect, even if the durability and sealing life are long, it is a low-grade double glazed units. Conversely, if the insulated performance of the insulated glass is good, but the durability and sealing life are short, it is not what people are pursuing. Obviously, the ideal insulated glass should have the best energy efficient effect and the…

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