Appearance Enhancement

Architects and facade designers make the most advantage of float glass and create numerous great buildings around the world.

Morn offers different processing methods to help enhance the glass sheets appearance for varies applications and beauty purpose.

Including Glass edge work,perforation,notches,safety corners,offset glass unit,acid etch treatment.

Glass edge work options

From normal seamed edge to complex Ogee edge,advanced machines always help us to fulfill every unique design.

Glass edge treatment
Glass edge treatment


Glass-perforation-Countersunk holes

Glass Countersunk holes
Countersunk holes


Glass-perforation-Direct Holes

Appearance Enhancement Glass perforation
Glass perforation


Glass Notches/Cutouts
Water jet cut enable us to have notches and cutouts on glass to install patches,glass clamps,etc.

MORN Tempered Glass Shower Room
MORN Gray tempered door panel
 Safety Corner options
Safety corners and polished radius round corners can be supplied to prevent potential injuries.
Appearance Enhancement Glass round corner
Glass radius corner

Glass Offset
Offset units, also referred to as stepped IGU,stepped glass, have the edge of one glass ply extend beyond the edge of the other glass ply on one or more sides of the glass unit. Offset units may be specified for functional or aesthetic reasons. Morn can provide offset insulating units for framed /semi-hidden framed facade.

Stepped Insulating Glass
Stepped Insulating Glass

Silicone Fill Options
The secondary seal in Viracon’s insulating units is silicone. There are three fill options available for offset insulating units.
• Normal Fill: The silicone edge may vary and have a rounded appearance at the corners.
• Buttered Fill: A silicone layer is applied to the surface of the offset lite.
• 90° Fill: A custom fill where the offset lite is masked to achieve a uniform silicone edge. All requests for 90° fill offsets must be reviewed and approved prior to receiving a quote.

Acid etching treatment
Acid etching treatment make glass translucent/frosted glass/obscure glass protects your privacy especially for shower rooms.
Anti-skip glass decrease the sooth of glass steps/floors and ensure safety.
Other acid etch patterned are also available,contact Morn sales for more info.


What’s acid etched glass?

What’s anti slip glass?

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