• Factors affect the facade materials costs

    What are the main factors affecting the cost of curtain wall materials? Today, I will tell you about it: First, glass 1.glass raw materials: clear glass (conventional), french green, low iron glass, etc. 2, the configuration of the glass: single piece, insulated glass,laminated insulated glass and so on. 3, glass coating: single silver Low-e, double silver Low-e, solar reflective glass 4, Secondary sealant: plastic brand (conventional domestic, imported Dow corning,Sika sealant), secondary sealant depth (structural sealant ≤ 12mm). 5, Insulated…

  • Methods to increase energy efficient performance for windows&doors,curtain wall

    The common energy-efficient methods for aluminum alloy windows and glass curtain walls are as follows: Glass energy efficient method Aluminum alloy thermal-insulating profile energy efficient method Double (multi) layer structure system energy efficient method Solar Shading system energy efficient method Point support glass curtain wall energy efficient method Energy efficientglass method For aluminum alloy windows and glass curtain walls, since the area of glass occupies most of the facade, the area that can participate in heat exchange is large, so glass is key to achieve glass curtain wall energy…

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