• Factors affect the facade materials costs

    What are the main factors affecting the cost of curtain wall materials? Today, I will tell you about it: First, glass 1.glass raw materials: clear glass (conventional), french green, low iron glass, etc. 2, the configuration of the glass: single piece, insulated glass,laminated insulated glass and so on. 3, glass coating: single silver Low-e, double silver Low-e, solar reflective glass 4, Secondary sealant: plastic brand (conventional domestic, imported Dow corning,Sika sealant), secondary sealant depth (structural sealant ≤ 12mm). 5, Insulated…

  • Advantage of PVDF aluminium veneer plate

    The PVDF coated aluminum veneer is made of high-quality aluminum alloy panel, and the advanced CNC bending technology ensures that the sheet is flat and not deformed after processing, and the external force resistance is superior in the installation process of the aluminum veneer. PVDF coated aluminum veneers are used in exterior curtain wall. Features of PVDF coated aluminum veneer: 1. Light weight, good rigidity and high strength. The 3.0mm thick aluminum plate weighs 8kg per square and tensile strength…

  • Light pollution of glass curtain wall

    The light pollution of the glass curtain wall refers to the use of  coated glass on the curtain wall of high-rise buildings. When direct sunlight and skylight are irradiated onto the glass surface, the specular reflection (ie, specular reflection) of the glass. And the resulting reflected glare. Light pollution is the murderer of accidental traffic accidents. A glass walled building stands like a huge mirror with a width of tens of meters and a height of nearly 100 meters. It…

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