Aluminium windows VS PVC windows

Aluminium windows VS PVC windows

The innovation of thermal break aluminium profiles,makes thermal insulation of aluminium windows much more energy efficient with high performance double glazed units and can compete PVC ones,based on similar energy efficient performance,there’re many more advantages compared with PVC windows.

Aluminium windows VS PVC windows
1.Fire resistant performance
Aluminium is non combustible materials,it can withstand high temperature which can provide more protection in case of fire.
Here is a video showing the difference when fire happened,thanks “Ventanas y Puertas de Aluminio” shared the video on Youtube.

2.No toxic emissions in case of fire,while PVC windows will emiss,benzene,ethanol,ethylene,formaldehyde,ethane,methane,sulfur dioxide etc that may harm people.
PVDF coated aluminium windows will last 20 years or longer without fading,mill finish aluminium windows will last maybe over 100 years.
Aluminium is widely used in windows and many more industry,such as cars,trains,auto,pans etc.
While PVC windows need steel liner to keep the long lifetime.
4.Sustainable and recyclable
Aluminium is the most abundant element in the earth,90% aluminium can be recycled and remake other aluminium products.
While PVC is made from oil,which is not sustainable absolute and many standards doesn’t allow recycled PVC profiles.
5.Safety &versatility
Aluminum allows all kinds of shapes and can be adopt the most desired design,meanwhile offering higher security for the good hardness and strength.

Aluminium windows VS PVC windows

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