• WR93 Passive House Aluminium Windows

    WR93 Passive House Aluminium Windows The Passive House comes from the German term Passivhaus, which was first used by Sweden Professors Bo Adamson and Germany Wolfgang Feist, and has continued to be used since the first Passivhaus dwellings were built in Darmstadt in 1991. Passive house doors and windows are a systematic high-tech product combination, which is a door and window product that achieves certain energy-saving and environmental protection standards in the main physical properties such as airtightness, watertightness, sound…

  • Why we choose system windows and doors.

    Why we choose system windows and doors. Most people pay attention to the quality of obvious parts such as aluminum profile, glass, accessories, etc when buying high-quality doors and windows,, but do not understand the professional performance requirements of doors and windows, more concerned about product quality, cost-effective and other factors. In the initial consumption ideology, high-quality doors and windows are considered to be equal to high-performance doors and windows. High quality doors and windows = high quality profiles +…

  • Aluminium Windows&Doors

    Aluminium Windows&Doors Huajian Aluminium windows &Door now become Morn’s new products category,Morn offer comprehensive Aluminium windows&doors products with competitive price. Casement windows Sliding windows Pivoting windows Thermal break windows Awing windows   System Windows& doors Folding doors Download our system windows profiles –EOSS system windows WR70- SLIMLINE ALUMINIUM PROFILE WINDOWS SYSTEM WR93 Passive House Aluminium Windows MMQS75 Thermal Break Aluminium Folding Door Shandong Huajian Aluminium Group Co., Ltd is China top 10 aluminum profiles manufacturer with more than 5500 staffs…

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