• Materials that affect double glazed units energy efficiency and lifetime

    insulated glass must meet two basic requirements namely energy efficient, durability and sealing life. If an double glazed units has a poor energy efficient effect, even if the durability and sealing life are long, it is a low-grade double glazed units. Conversely, if the insulated performance of the insulated glass is good, but the durability and sealing life are short, it is not what people are pursuing. Obviously, the ideal insulated glass should have the best energy efficient effect and the…

  • The factors affecting double glazed units quality

    The factors affecting insulated glass(double glazed units) quality 1.Glass cleanness and dry. 2.Washing machine water temperature,water volume,water quality and purity. 3.The dirt inside double glazed units 4.Coating position. 5.Aluminium spacer bar cleanness 6.The flatness of tempered and curved glass 7.The cleanness and trimming of laminated glass before insulating. 8.Butyl quality and workmanship. 9.The insulating panels cleanness,pressure,balance, inside insulating line. 10.Secondary sealant-silicon sealant quality. Morn building materials is your turnkey architectural glass partner.

  • Materials& component of double glazed units

    Materials& component of insulated glass(double glazed units) 1.Spacer:aluminium spacer,stainless spacer,warm edge spacer,superspacer, The function is to be filled with desiccant,forming the air spacer between glass lites. 2.Glass Desiccant:Most widely used are 3A desiccant. The function is to absorb moisture inside glass and keep inside dry.The water content inside glass should be below 0.1%,or IGU will have dew. 3.Buytl sealant: Excellent water tightness and air tightness. Main function is to prevent water and air penetration into glass. 4.Secondary sealant: Main function…

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