Aluminium folding door Supply- MBQS70 series. The aluminum alloy folding door is a kind of horizontal moving by the upper and lower rails, and the sashes are folded and pushed to the side, and are composed of an aluminum alloy profile, a glass sashes, a transmission component, a rotating arm component, a transmission rod and an orientation device. The Aluminium folding door effectively saves the space occupied by the door, and the simple push-pull action can easily play the role…


    WR70 SLIM PROFILE/FRAME WINDOWS SYSTEM Most China windows systems are designed for high rise buildings,so most aluminium windows&system windows profiles are usually very wide to resist high wind load. In European countries,slim aluminium profile windows system is becoming more and more popular.To meet the requirement of high end slim windows requirement,Morn now is able to cooperate with Waren and supply slimline frame windows to clients. This unique and expertly designed ultra slim window system offers the the perfect combination of…

  • The advantage of thermal break aluminium windows

    The advantage of thermal break aluminium windows PVC doors and windows have been in the building door and window market for more than 20 years while the lifetime of excellent PVB windows and doors is only 10-20 years. Now many consumers will be replace PVC doors and windows with thermal break aluminum doors and windows. PVC windows and doors has 2 disadvantages: LIFETIME: PVC profiles is plastic and steel lining. If you don’t talk about inferior plastic steel, even high-quality…

  • Huajian Aluminium Profile

    Huajian Aluminium Profile Aluminium profiles is produced by extrusion process involves a preheated billet being squeezed through an opening in a steel die forming the cross-section of the extrusion or profile.After extrusion process,aluminium profiles surface can be treated with different paints:Mill finish,Anodized finish,powder coating finish and PVDF coating,wood transfer process to suit various clients and design requirement.Extruded aluminium profiles has now been widely used in architectural,Auto,Industry,furniture,etc. Huajian Aluminium profiles now become Morn’s new products category,Morn offer comprehensive Aluminium profile products…

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