• The shortage of tempered glass

    Tempered glass now is the most widely used safety glass,the strength is 3-5 times that of float glass,and once broken,glass will shatter into many small fragments and avoid possible injury.While even if tempered glass safety glass,there’s still some shortage ,here we introduce the shortage of tempered glass; The tempered glass cannot be cut and processed. The glass can only be processed to the required shape before tempering, and then tempered.Because of this feature,customer shall be very carefully before placing order,to…

  • Frameless vs Framed Shower Doors 

    Bathrooms are integral in every home and so, shower areas are. This is the area that allows maintaining personal time hygiene. However, adding a personal touch to your bathroom and shower area can enhance the value of your property. Irrespective of your style preferences and bathroom design, shower doors are the most basic decision to take. There are different types of shower doors available in the market. However, framed and frameless shower doors are the most common ones. To know more about each type…

  • China issued glass standard for glass bridge

    GB/T38784-2020 SUSPENDED FLOOR,STAIRS,TRAILS AND PLANK ROAD GLASS Glass bridge construction worldwide is becoming more and more popular, while there’s no specialized standard that have detailed requirement for the laminated glass that used as glass floors or glass bridge.As the glass are always large panels and installed in high areas that may up to 100M from the ground,so the glass strength and sustain capability after breakage is quite important .Traditional standard,such as EN14449, ASTM C1048 contain only some simple tests,boiling water…

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