• Factors Influencing Float Glass Breakages

    Float glass is glass produced without internal stresses imparted by heat treatment, i.e., rapid cooling, or by toughening or heat strengthening. Glass becomes annealed if it is heated above a transition point then allowed to cool slowly, without being quenched. Glass is treated with heat in order to change its properties by the annealing process. Annealed glass is the most common glass used in windows and glass shelves. It is also known as a standard sheet of float glass.The glass,…

  • Balcony Glass-Laminated Safety Glass

    Most balcony glass are made with 8mm/10mm/12mm toughened glass,toughened glass is 3-5 times that of float glass,it create light, clear viewing.When glass broken,it will shattered into many small particles,usually 40-80 pieces in an square area of 50*50mm.Actually even though the glass strengthen is good enough,but toughened glass can be easily broken once any hit on the corners,edges.In addition to the Nis inside float glass,there would be 3‰ spontaneous breakage ratio.Thus caused huge injury possibility ,especially for Child that live in…

  • Advantage of warm edge spacer in Insulated glass

    The material used to manufacture the glass spacer is one of the most important factors that deciding whether the windows are energy efficient or not. Glass spacers play an important role in a window’s overall performance,especially the thermal conductivity and thermal insulation performance, as they determine the amount of heat and cold that is able to pass through a window. The 2 or 3 lites of glass panels in insulated glass are held apart by spacers.The quality of the materials…

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