• Quanex Duralite warm edge spacer

    DURALITE® WARM-EDGE SPACER Regardless of the season, home comfort begins with windows built with Duralite®. On a cold, wintry day, the inside glass surface of an inefficient window will draw heat from your body leaving you feeling chilly inside your home. Windows built with Duralite reduce heat transfer and improve the temperature of your inside window glass. DURALITE® SPACER DESIGN Duralite is a flexible, warm-edge spacer featuring a unique no metal, composite laminating technology that provides superior durability and thermal performance in insulating glass units.To achieve the…

  • Duralite Superspacer insulated glass supply

    In most cases,the glass U value means the thermal conductivity of the glass center,the lower U value ,the better thermal insulation performance.But for windows and doors,the U value of Windows and doors are decided by several factors, the glass U value, aluminium profile or UPVC/wood  profile U value ,and the glass edge thermal conductivity,Glass edge thermal conductivity plays an important role in deciding the overall windows thermal insulation performance. Most insulated glass use aluminium spacer,stainless steel spacer,and warm edge spacer…

  • Protect Your Home with Security Glass

    A house is not only a reside replace ,It is also a haven that one turns to at night in peace. We all want to do our best to ensure that our loved house and people are safe.Using security glass in your home. is very good and smart measurement to improve your home security,Why? What is Security Glass and how is it Made? Security Glass, also known as toughened or heat-strengthened glass ,laminated glass is also typical safety glass.It is…

  • Supply Infrared thermometer and pulse oximeter against Covid 19

    Supply Infrared thermometer and pulse oximeter against Covid 19 The covid 19 virus around the world have caused numerous negative effect on all kinds of industry. By 18 th ,June,the confirmed infected population around the world is 8.32 million people,and 446,636 people died of this virus. In the past 6 months ,especially when China found this virus and various measurements were taken to control the virus,while most countries didn’t pay much emphasis on this virus and didn’t take controlling measurement,causing…

  • Choose the right glass for your skylight projects

    Choose the right glass for your skylight projects There’re variety glass toptions that can be used in buildings,it is often confusing to decide what kind glass to be used in terms of safety, thermal and solar performance and balancing cost with the benefits. When it comes to skylight projects,what factors should be the most concern consideration ? DOUBLE GLAZING -insulated glass The double glazed unit used in glass skylight should be toughened glass or heat strengthened glass. The inner pane…

  • Glass Spontaneous Breakage

    Glass Spontaneous Breakage Copyright:Mr Amanda Gibney Weko Minor edge damage during glass handling, a scratch or nick during installation, a design flaw, or a natural imperfection in the glass could all result in spontaneous breakage. We’ve all heard the jarring crack of a pebble or piece of road debris hitting our car windshield. We may see an immediate pinhole or crack and know this will inevitably spider-web its way across the glass and cause the windshield to break if left…

  • projects that require laminated safety glass

    projects that require laminated safety glass When it comes to safety glass, architects and designers will tend specify two different options: toughened glass(tempered glass) and laminated safety glass. Of course, wired glass is also a kind of safety glass because of its enhanced fire rating performance, but this glass product has become less popular recent years as more new and advanced products have being popular in the market. These safety glass products are all well known for offering tried and…

  • Holiday Inn

    Project Name:Holiday Inn Project Type:Glass facade Location:Mexico ,2018-2019 Glass Type:6mm Clear tempered+12A+6mm clear tempered glass, 2200sqm


    Project Name:Hines Pit II Project Type:Glass facade Location:Mexico ,2019-2020 Glass Type:6mm SYP YRE0138+12A+6mm clear tempered glass, 8500sqm    

  • Torre Avancer

    Project Name:Torre Avancer Project Type:Glass facade Location:Mexico ,2019-2020 Glass Type:6mm Single silver low-E on bronze tinted glass+12A+6mm clear tempered glass, 7000sqm

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