• Float glass price increase in May

    Float glass price increase in May As we mentioned in March,the Covid 19 has brought disaster to the glass industry,see our previous blog :https://www.cnmorn.com/corona-virus-affect-the-survival-of-china-glass-companies.html The Covid 19 virus caused the delayed production of all glass factories and construction works since May.In addition to the expand of the virus all around the world,most oversea orders were canceled or delayed,which caused that no orders from glass processing factories,the float glass factories glass stock has reached the highest point,because the glass furnace cannot…

  • Factors affecting window insulation performance

    Factors affecting window insulation performance Windows plays an important role in ensuring a comfortable indoor environment. In cold climates, windows with poor insulation conditions will cause the temperature of the glass surface to decrease rapidly. In order to compensate for the cold air settlement, cold wind and “cold radiation” generated by the low-temperature window surface, it is necessary to take heating measures near the windows. According to the European Energy Standard 10077, the formula for calculating the U value of…

  • Glass used in Shanghai Tower

    Shanghai Tower is the highest building in China,built in 2015, The building is 632 metres high and has 128 stories, with a total floor area of 380,000 m2 (4,090,000 sq ft). The building’s tiered construction is designed for high energy efficiency and sustainability,contains multiple separate zones ,such as office, retail and leisure use. The Tower takes the form of nine cylindrical buildings stacked atop one another, all enclosed by the inner layer of the glass facade, which completes a 120-degree twist as it rises….

  • The glass combination for glass bridge

    The glass combination for glass bridge These years more and more tourist scene have built glass bridge,hundreds meters high glass Was fixed with some hardware and frames, people can see through the glass. But just how strong are glass used in the glass bridge? And are they entirely safe for commercial application?What’s the right glass combination used in this kind of glass bridge?   Several factors affect the strength of a glass floor, but most important ,is the type of glass used and…

  • 4 Elements of High-Performance Building Envelopes

    4 Elements of High-Performance Building Envelopes Copyright:By Meshal AlButhie, Architect Facade detail of the Capital Market Authority Tower, Riyadh. Joint venture between Omrania and HOK. | Photo: omrania.com A facade shouldn’t just dictate how a building looks, but how it works — especially in the harsh climate of Saudi Arabia. With every project, Omrania strives to design unique, high-performance building envelopes that are appropriate for their context. The envelope must be able to withstand the forces of the local environment…

  • Plaza Tijuana

    Project Name:Plaza Tijuana Project Type:Glass Balustrade Location:Mexico Glass Type: 12mm Clear tempered

  • Postpone notice of China glass 2020

    Postpone notice of China glass 2020 (31st China international glass industrial Technical exhibition)   Dear exhibitors and visitors: In response to the needs for pneumonia epidemic control of novel corona virus infection,Shanghai Municipal people’s government has initiated the first level response mechanism for major public health emergencies.In accordance with the requirements of the notice of Shanghai Municipal committee of the communist party of China and Shanghai Municipal people’s government on further strengthening the prevention and control of pneumonia epidemic situation of…

  • Building Glass Maintenance guide

    Building Glass Maintenance guide This information is offered as a general guide only and specific advice should always be sought from a reputable glazier or professional window cleaner before undertaking any cleaning. This guidance does not preclude the use of other methods, materials or equipment; however the user should undertake careful evaluation and make suitable enquiries of the suitability of alternative methods, materials or equipment, before using them. Morn has taken all reasonable care in producing this document, however Morn makes no…

  • How to increase glass sound transmission loss

    How to increase glass sound transmission loss Despite shield,light transmission etc,one of the most important function of architectural glass is noise control. Good sound transmission loss will decrease the noise significantly and create silent and quite environment.In auto ,many high end brands use laminated glass instead of single piece tempered glass to increase the sound transmission loss.As part of the building, whether the concrete wall,floors etc ,they’re thick and have good sound transmission loss.As the thinnest part of the building…

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